Pro Bocce is a 3D Game of Bocce Balls, the ancient sport of the world.
The game will be released in the 2015 for PC Windows.

Feel the intense emotions of a great bocce challenge, by playing against your friends or your computer, either as a single player or as a team.
Unprecedented challenges, played all over the world at beautiful sports centers packed with people.
Choose the player according to your playing style and improve your player’s skills by gaining experience during the games.
Only the greatest champions can aspire to win the Pro Bocce championship, will you be brave enough to do that?

Here are the main technical features of Pro Bocce:

– Extremely realistic 3D graphics and the ability to immerse the player in a real game of bocce.
– 5 types of game modes for an always new and exciting experience: Career, Tournament, Arcade, Training, Single.
– Players equipped with diverse technical features, with the possibility of enhancing your player by accumulating experience.
– Possibility of playing with the main Raffa rules or also with streamlined rules.
– Realistic clash and bocce movement on the field.
– Games with 2, 4 and 6 players, either against your friends or against the computer.
– Possibility of playing in 7 sports centers which are located in various cities around the world.
– Achievements, special objects and famous players to unlock.
– Sports newscaster comments during the games.
– Localization of the texts in 7 languages and speech in 3 languages (Italian, English and French).
– 100% DRM free.

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